Nashi Argan Deep Fusion

Nashi Argan Deep Fusion

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Product Description:

Deep Infusion

Pure restructuring power in just 7 minutes!

Nashi Argan Deep Infusion is the professional mask that you will fall in love with, thanks to its ease of use and immediate results.It is designed to be used once a week instead of the Conditioner or as intensive treatment, especially under stressful periods. Deep Infusion penetrates deeply into the hair, nourishing and restoring the ideal hair’s structure without weighing it down. Choose it and discover its texture, elasticity and ease of styling from the very first use!

Perfect for:

  • Your hair is stressed, weakened and needs deep hydration
  • You have frizzy or thick undisciplined hair
  • You want to deeply hydrate your curly hair without weighing it down or losing its structure
  • You’re having a good experience with Nashi Argan Conditioner and you want to integrate its hydration to get a professional effect

The advice for you:

Get the most out of all Nashi Argan products.

Follow our suggestions on how to use and combine them.

  • Apply a small amount of product on washed and towel-dried hair length
  • Massage gently and spread it uniformly
  • Leave it on for 3 minutes. Let it stay for up to 7 minutes according to your needs or for a highly restructuring effect.
  • Rinse accurately


Simona Muraca


Really love this product. my hair has never felt so healthy and soft

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